Octet, October 2014

A group show in the crypt at St Mary in the Castle on Hastings seafront as part of the Photo Hastings season. The other photographers in the show were Sarah French, Lin Gregory, Will Lakin, Claire Land, Ian Land, Claire Land, Lesley Parkinson and Sue Reid.

This show marked a departure from the pinhole experiments for which I’d made whatever ‘name’ I might have had. Instead, they were colour photographs documenting and celebrating the growing season at Collier Road allotments up on the West Hill.

Ian Grant's work in the Octet Exhibition at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings during October 2014

My work was in two connected parts. A set of documentary photographs of the allotments, plus a series of seven multiple exposures taken with a Coronet 6×6 bakelite camera. Those multiple exposures set me off on a road that I’m still travelling now, still with the same wonderful little camera.

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