Photo Hub Group Interim Show, October / November 2013

These photos were shown as part of the Photo Hub Group interim show in October and November 2013, at the Arts Forum in St Leonards-on-Sea. They’re all long exposures – of varying length, from a day to a month – taken with a pinhole camera made from a Quality Street tin. The results were then very lightly developed.

My statement for the show’s catalogue read as follows: “I work mainly with home-made pinhole cameras – Quality Street tins for preference – and experiment with techniques involving long exposures, weather conditions, unusual chemical mixes and other attempts to break the established rules. My current practice is based around open air exposures lasting days, weeks and months; the results are photographs of light, weather and time as much as specific places. My aspiration is to continue refining these techniques until they can be considered as a new set of established rules, and then to break those rules again.”

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